How to Stay Cool in a Hot Situation

Everyone loves to sit in shade and enjoy a nice breeze. Its one of the small joys of being out in the woods in the summer. You find a nice big oak tree to sit under and you sip on some sweet tea while enjoying a nice breeze coming from a nearby river or lake. being able to enjoy these types of days with my family are some of the best memories I have. Not every camping trip comes equipped with a nice shade tree though. Sometimes you spend so much time under the sun that when you come back to the camper you have no place to escape those rays except going inside your camper. My family and I recently planned a trip to go camping and we ran into one of these spots that leaves us with no real shade trees. I decided it was time to start shopping for an awning.

When it comes to purchasing an awning I have to make sure that I get the measurements right and order all the extra hardware. Ill be the first to admit that I am not savvy when it comes to figuring these things out. I decided to check out a site called to see if they could help me. They helped me figure out my measurement and I settled on a 20 foot awning from A&E Dometic. The camper I was installing this on is a nice shade of blue, silver and white so I went with the blue steel awning with a silver colored hardware. I was worried about the shipping when it came to crunch time because we were leaving in 2 weeks. RV Parts Country was able to get me my awning in just 5 days. I was able to get the awning installed and the camper read for the big trip without any worry.

The family and I found a nice spot to park the camper and we immediately tested out the new awning. We were able to get plenty of shade and keep cool under the sweltering heat of the summer. We were able to enjoy the week even when we had a storm. Our awning was able to withstand some wind with no damage and also was able to handle the downpour with no water dripping through. The kids loved being able to stay outside in the storm and stay dry. The utility of a 20 foot awning that extends 8 to 9 feet out really keeps the spirits high when mother nature tries to drown them out.

Great Deal On My New AC

Everyone loves to be able to go out for a camping trip. It doesnt matter the age of the person. It doesnt matter most of the time where you go as long as its a spot you can enjoy. Being able to sit in the country where you hear the birds chirp instead of horns honking. Being able to listen to the calming sound of a river flowing downstream instead of the sound of police cars or ambulances. The sweet smell of the different trees surrounding your campsite instead of the smell of gas, oil and garbage. This is what people live for when it comes to camping. they want to be able to enjoy their time outdoors comfortably and peacefully.

This was my intention after I bought a new camper for my family. I wanted to introduce the kids to the great outdoors. I wanted to let the wife experience camping for the first time. Spend time fishing and telling stories around a campfire. There was only one problem; the camper didnt have air conditioning and we were in the middle of one of the hottest summers. I tried calling around to different dealers to see if they had any in stock. Everyone was out or they had a brand that was skeptical to say the least. I was new to the camping world so I decided to do the smart thing when it comes to finding camping gear and to see which brands most people prefer. I went online.

Sure enough the only thing I found online was different companies wanting me to pay an arm and a leg and then some to get a new RV air conditioner. I was about to give up hope when I stumbled across a forum post about They had more stock in than most other online retailers and their prices were phenomenal. Thinking it was a too good to be true moment I decided to give them a try. I was surprised and ecstatic. When I visited the site I was able to find a Dometic 13500 BTU A/C unit for a great price. Not only was it a great price but it was a complete set that was super easy to install. I decided to give the new unit a test run and let it run with our generator overnight. the unit had worked great with zero leaks and I didnt wake up hot during the night at all. I was able to comfortably sleep through the night without any issue. Getting a brand new non-ducted unit for my camper was easy.Now my family can spend their time outside enjoying the country and have a nice cool camper to sleep in at night.

Barker Tote

Two months ago I bought an old camper to do all of my  fishing with. The man I purchased it from said that everything worked great when he parked it over ten years ago. I figured that since it wasn’t being used nothing would possibly be wrong with it. I went inside and checked the status of the roof and flooring and everything seemed to be in tip top shape. I could tell that some squirrels had been inside it with all of the nuts laying everywhere, but they hadn’t hurt anything as far as I could see.

When I got it back to my house I started cleaning on the inside right away. It wasn’t as dirty as you would’ve thought an 80’s model would have been, but there were still some stains. Once I got everything sparkling, I went ahead and started rinsing out the holding tanks. My fresh water tank was the first one that I tried rinsing. I noticed that when I went to let the water drain, nothing came out. I couldn’t figure it out until I got up beneath my camper. I then noticed that the tank had been dry-rotted and had a large crack in it. The water was leaking out at a faster rate than I could put it in. The first thing I did was go down to my local RV dealer to see if they could get me one, but apparently they didn’t have any with the same dimensions as mine. This was a bit of a problem, so I went online to see what I could find. Again, I could find nothing. My dad recommended me to buy one of the Barker tote tanks. When I got to searching through online prices, I learned that RV Parts Country had the lowest out of all of the competitors. I placed an order right away for the 25 gallon tank.

The week after I received my package. Inside was my Barker tote tank that I had heard bragged about for so many years from my dad. I went ahead and filled it up to see if it was in perfect shape and then let the water out. After that, I put it in my camper, filled it up, and went out on the open road. I was very pleased with the Barker Tote Tank I know now when I need a piece for my camper I’m going to RV Parts Country.

Theford Toilet

The last time I checked, the most important room in my camper was the bathroom. Some may argue that the kitchen is more important. Some may even say the bedroom. But I am convinced it is the bathroom, and that is why I have spent more time and money making the bathroom as comfortable, clean, and functional as I possibly can.

Of all the things that you need in the RV bathroom, the toilet is clearly the most important. When on the road, or out in the middle of nowhere, one could get by without a shower for a day or so, depending on where you are and how much you sweat, but I dare say you couldn’t go a DAY without using your RV bathroom. So it is vital that you have not only a comfortable toilet, but a WORKING toilet. Of all the different RV toilets I have used or seen in my many years of camping, Theford toiletsare CLEARLY the best.

What makes them the best, though?

They are comfortable, and they can be purchased in more than one size (height). They are affordable, but they do not sacrifice quality of craftsmanship for the sake of being less expensive. As a matter of fact, it’s my Thetford toilet that I have never had to replace, while many things in my RV have been repaired or completely switched out with new parts over the years.

And most importantly, they WORK. Without a working toilet in your camper, you are going to have a lot of problems, plain and simple.

So, if I were you, I would give my camper an upgrade, starting with the bathroom, by going to Rv Parts Country  and purchasing a new Thetford toilet. You won’t regret it!


My Adco cover is the best by far!

This past fall I purchased the Adco Class C Motorhome Cover Designer Tyvek RV Cover, 26’1″ – 29′ for my motorhome. I was skeptical prior due to going through quite a few covers in the years I have had my motorhome.  I really like the zipper entry panels on this cover plus the reinforced elasticized bottom corners. Unlike the other covers I have purchased in the past, this Adco cover is waterproof but still very breathable which works out great! We had a rough winter with alot of snow and ice this past year and the cover held up awesome! No holes or signs of distress at all.

Great addition to my RV’s cleaning routine!

I had recently been looking for some black streak remover for our RV, nothing seemed to be doing the job. I tried several different brands and it still did not cut it. Finally, I came across RV Parts Country and their selection! I purchased the Thetford brand and it works great! One of my biggest concerns was using something that would fade my decals and this did not at all! I purchased the one gallon due to the price being so low! I definitely recommend, best one I have ever used for my RV!

Parts and Accessories for RV’S

There are so many times in my life that the simplest little thing has really excited me. Maybe I’m just a big kid, maybe I’m just immature, I’m not sure. But no matter what others may think, there is just something to be said for finding happiness from the little things in life.

One of those things is my RV kitchen. You might find it strange, but I spend so much time in my RV kitchen that you’d probably believe I wanted to live in my motorhome full-time. The reality is, I just find a lot of comfort there. It’s a special place for me, where I can relax with a cup of coffee from my RV coffee maker, where I can fix myself a sandwich from my RV refrigerator, and I can simply have some peace of mind. It’s an escape for me, really.

There are so many RV accessories in my motorhome’s kitchen, so many little things that make it the perfect place to be. We have a special spice rack, a wall-mounted trash can, and a lot of other RV kitchen accessories, including a miniature dish rack and a unique omelet maker. We got all of our RV accessories from RV Parts Country, an online retailer whose selection, pricing, and shipping always meet our high expectations.

If you really want to make your camper feel homey and special, then we highly recommend you go to RV Parts Country and purchase the necessary accessories as well as some fun little “extras” that could really help you out. You will be really impressed by their inventory of nearly nine-thousand items. Their prices are simply the lowest you will find anywhere, and their customer service is wonderful.

Loving My New Awning!

I went down to the lake this Memorial Day weekend and had a blast with my family camping. I bought a brand new Raptor MP toy hauler from my local dealer so that I could haul my side by sides. While in transit from my dealership, the driver damaged the awning by not securing it down before they took off from the dealership. The dealer I bought this from down in Texas said that I was liable for the damages, which was very uncool. Anyways, to make a long story short, I only had a few days to get one before Memorial Weekend. I got in touch with you guys at RV Parts Country on Monday to see if you had one in stock, you did, so I ordered! I got in on Wednesday and got it installed and it works great. The price of the A&E awning was fantastic and it kept us a good cool spot to sit when we got done riding while sitting around the camper.

New App For your Android Or Your I Phone

Knowledge is a game changer. Ive been inspired by the internet and how it opens the doors to opportunity. It provides access to knowledge, no matter who you are or where you are. You have the same information at your fingertips  no matter if your a student, Dr. or attorney.   We have launched an app to help make your shopping easier on your android or your apple I phone.  RV Parts Country  app is a great necessity when wanting to check prices and making a purchase for your RV. We at Rv Parts County are happy to make this a choice to help serve you better.

Winegard Carryout Portable Satellite

I  love sitting in my camper at all the sites watching  football games. No one can ever figure out how I have such great reception. This is where I get most of my kicks from. I love sitting out in under my awning and pulling my big screen out and enjoying the race with a couple of my friends. I look at the faces of other people camping wishing they had the reception that I have.

Two years ago I decided to buy the Winegard Carryout Portable Satellite and it was the best choice I’ve ever made.  I argued with my wife several times about buying it and she said it would be too much hassle to have to find the reception every time we pulled into a campsite. After winning the disagreement, she agreed with me that it was an awesome decision. Her, along with my friends and I love watching the games.  Now we get to do this on a daily basis. It does my heart joy to see the surprised faces of other campers to look over at us having a good time.

When I first saw some prices of them online, I was totally against buying one. My wife kept on looking around until we found RV Part Country. I instantly saw that they had the best prices out of everywhere we’d looked. I pulled out my credit card and went ahead and ordered me one. They automatically find the satellite for you. I can sit it on the grass, under my camper, in the trees, or wherever I want and it will find the signal for you. I recommend everyone to this satellite. Trust me, its awesome to be watching a big game out in the middle of nowhere with your friends!