New App For your Android Or Your I Phone

Knowledge is a game changer. Ive been inspired by the internet and how it opens the doors to opportunity. It provides access to knowledge, no matter who you are or where you are. You have the same information at your fingertips  no matter if your a student, Dr. or attorney.   We have launched an app to help make your shopping easier on your android or your apple I phone.  RV Parts Country  app is a great necessity when wanting to check prices and making a purchase for your RV. We at Rv Parts County are happy to make this a choice to help serve you better.

Winegard Carryout Portable Satellite

I  love sitting in my camper at all the sites watching  football games. No one can ever figure out how I have such great reception. This is where I get most of my kicks from. I love sitting out in under my awning and pulling my big screen out and enjoying the race with a couple of my friends. I look at the faces of other people camping wishing they had the reception that I have.

Two years ago I decided to buy the Winegard Carryout Portable Satellite and it was the best choice I’ve ever made.  I argued with my wife several times about buying it and she said it would be too much hassle to have to find the reception every time we pulled into a campsite. After winning the disagreement, she agreed with me that it was an awesome decision. Her, along with my friends and I love watching the games.  Now we get to do this on a daily basis. It does my heart joy to see the surprised faces of other campers to look over at us having a good time.

When I first saw some prices of them online, I was totally against buying one. My wife kept on looking around until we found RV Part Country. I instantly saw that they had the best prices out of everywhere we’d looked. I pulled out my credit card and went ahead and ordered me one. They automatically find the satellite for you. I can sit it on the grass, under my camper, in the trees, or wherever I want and it will find the signal for you. I recommend everyone to this satellite. Trust me, its awesome to be watching a big game out in the middle of nowhere with your friends!

Air Conditioner

It’s no secret that some of the most beautiful parts of the country are also some of the hottest. Great weather can often be accompanied by extreme heat, especially in the long afternoons. Although mornings in such climates can be beautiful and a great way to relax over a cup of Java, by the end of the day, you usually need a good nap. Easy living is what retirement’s about, right? You’ve earned a break, but you’ve also earned the right to enjoy life in a cool relaxing comfort. That’s why a properly working RV air conditioner  is so important to the RV lifestyle. Living easy begins with a cool drink and a nice cool nap. Escape the desert with the coolness that only a great air conditioner can provide.

You might think you’d need to scour the RV shows and visit numerous dealerships to find a quality RV air conditioner, one that truly puts the chill in cool. Forget that. You shouldn’t even have to step outside your motor home to find any RV parts you need. RV air conditioners can readily be found online at wholesale prices for a fraction of what you’d pay in the dealership.

Really, the Internet community is a virtual world of RV merchandise. You can find anything imaginable. From RV appliances to brake controllers to generators or hitching devices, anything you need from an RV dealer can be had for cheaper wholesale prices. If you have Internet access from a Blackberry or other mobile Internet unit, you don’t even have to leave the comforts of your motor home. Computers put accessibility at your fingertips. Do your shopping without even leaving the comforts of your couch.

Although the Internet lets you shop from your RV, you will need a mailing address, one that isn’t mobile. PO boxes won’t work because of the size of delivery items. Believe it or not, you can have an RV air conditioner or even a generator shipped to any address in just a few days. However, neither will probably fit in your PO box, so an actual address is required. If you live in a motor home, it can be the address of friends or family, perhaps someone on your route who you will be visiting soon.

RV Accessories

I have bought so many RV accessories lately, I feel crazy! It all started when I first stepped into my camper and gave it an inspection. I was trying to make sure everything was going to be ready before Memorial Day weekend, because I knew I’d be going on a big camping trip at that time.

Boy, did I not realize how much stuff I needed until I started really investigating. I found all sorts of RV accessories that I could use at RV Parts Country! The first thing I got from them was a new awning. My old one was just beginning to look really nasty, and I knew I could use another one. The awning I got from them is very attractive, and sturdy, and affordable.

Then I decided I needed to spruce up my RV bathroom. I got so many bathroom supplies, my wife thought I was crazy. I got a towel rack, and a toothbrush holder, just to name a couple of items I purchased for the bathroom. But that wasn’t the only room I bought new stuff for–I bought RV accessories for our kitchen, too. There are so many choices when it comes to your RV kitchen. We got tablecloth clips, paper plate dispensers, a napkin holder, and even a spice rack.

Then I started looking at the rest of the camper, I decided it needed a cover to protect it. And then I decided it needed to be cleaned, as well, so I bought a lot of RV cleaning supplies.

Basically, I bought so many RV accessories, I couldn’t keep track of them all. But did I end up spending too much money? No way! RV Parts Country’s prices are so low, I bought at least twice as much stuff as I could have at other stores.

If I were you, I would go to RV Parts Country for any and all of my RV needs!

Electric Awning Always Easier

You’ve pulled into the campground with weights on your eyelids and sleep on your mind. The campground was farther than you thought, and you’ve been driving all day, so it’s natural to want to be able to rest as soon as you can. The last thing you need is to wrestle with cumbersome camper parts.

That’s why RV awnings are so ideal. With the simple push of a button, the work is done for you. All that’s left is to relax on the sofa to a little TV before falling into your comfortable bed. Really, retiring in an RV should be every bit as convenient and comfortable as a stay at a luxurious hotel. With an electric RV awning, the awning is up and taken care of. All you need to do is relax.

The only catch is you pay for the convenience. Electric RV awnings are naturally more expensive than manual, but the convenience is well worth it. However, you can shave those expenses through wholesale pricing as well as extra deals you can find online. With online wholesale options, you can save several hundreds of dollars for the exact same packages you get from RV dealers for much more.

You can get a wireless remote for the RV awning so the RV is set into place as soon as you return from camp. You don’t even have to get out of the car. This can be especially convenient when it’s raining and your jumping through puddles to get to a dry porch. The wireless remote can be carried on a key chain for added convenience.

The awning is such an essential part of your porch that you probably leave it up throughout the night. When the storms start raging, an electric awning can be put up without even having to go outside. In fact, you can keep the control next to your bed so you don’t even have to get out of bed. It’s done quickly and conveniently, so you can get the awning up and go right back to bed.

If you do put your awning up at night, chances are the first thing you do in the morning is to lower it again. With a electric awning, you can get it lowered and start your day right way. There’s no messing with a cumbersome awning first thing in the morning. You just push a button and pour the coffee.


Delivering exactly what consumers are looking for, Honda launches the new EU7000iS portable generator, joining the other EU generators in the Super Quiet Series line. Fuel efficiency, Clean power output, Quiet operation and longer running times – those are what Honda portable generators are known for, and the EU7000iS has them all.

Honda EU7000is portable generator
  • Honda promises the EU7000iS will be the first electronically fuel injected inverted generator. Rated at 5,500 watts with a maximum of 7,000.

With a 5.1 gallon fuel tank, the EU7000is can run six hours at rated load or estimated 18 hours at 1/4 load. Maximum output is 7000VA. It comes in pretty heavy at 262 lbs without fuel, but Honda is advertising it for home-backup power, camping & tailgating.

iMonitor, Eco Throttle, 30amp-20amp, voltage selector, eu7000is
  • The Honda EU7000iS is very quiet for it’s size. It only generates 60dB at rated load. The EU7000iS can be ran parallel with another unit for double power.
  • Honda has improved the fuel efficiency and has a dual efficient eco throttle. The fuel tank is 13% larger and 20% improved fuel consumption.
  • The EU7000is and the GX390 Engine:
  • Model: GX390
  • Engine Type: Air-cooled 4-stroke OHV single cylinder
  • Net Torque: 19.5 ft.-lb. @ 2500 rpm
  • Oil Capacity: 1.16 qts
  • Air Cleaner: Dual Element
  • Dry Weight: 262


Everyone wants to make things better.  Whether it is more efficient ways to save money, save time, or anything just to make it better.  Most RV are becoming  interested in RV LED lighting.

Most RV are interested is switching light bulbs being that it is more efficient.

Here are a few reasons to switch your current bulbs to LED bulbs.

Replacing your old bulbs with new led bulbs can be a pricy investment.   Each replacement bulb will cost an an average of twelve dollars or so, they can add up to quite a lot of money.  Once you get past the price, you can focus on how long they will last.  Most LED lights have a life expectancy of 60, 000 hours.   Therefor you not have to replace your LED Lights as often which can save you money.

LED puts off less heat than others.   LED bulbs use much less power to operate, therefore they put off less heat.  With the light being that bright nit will decrease the total amount of lights you will actually need.

You will save time by replacing your the bulbs for the last time. You will be saving time by not having to replace the bulbs anymore..

Save power by switching to LEDs.  Most lights will use up a quite bit of electricity.   They actually one of the largest cause of high electricity bills.  An average bulb actually uses up 60 watts.  An average LED bulb will use 3-4 watts.

LED Lights are bright.  The actual light given off by a light is measured in lumens. LED lights will vary from dim to  20 lumen to a tube.

Conclusion LED lights are a great upgrade.  They will save you time and money in the future.   These lights can be purchased at offer these LED lights on their web site at a low price.


Do you need a new awning just to spruce it up or for the shade?  RV Parts Country  has several different awnings to choose from. The awnings are considered special order so it is important to order the correct one.  The model number is the sure way to order.  You can  also measure from center arm to center arm.  The awnings are available in several different colors and styles. RV Parts Country also has free shipping on the awnings.  So get busy measure, order and enjoy a new awning.

Keeping your Camper Clean

If you are seeing signs of oxidation on your camper and you don’t know what kind of cleaner to use to give your camper  its shine back try Gel Gloss.  It contains non-harmful abrasive cleaning agents that remove surface oxidation and light scratches, while leaving behind a protective carnauba wax coating. Cleans, protects and restores luster while providing a long lasting protective finish. It can also be used on acrylics, corian, porcelain, ceramic and stainless steel sinks.

Simple To Use:

Apply Gel-Gloss to dry surfaces with a clean dry cloth. Rub into surface and allow to dry to a haze. Buff off haze to a brilliant luster.

Doing this just twice per year can keep your camper looking great.

If you don’t need to wax your camper you just need to get those pesky Black Streaks off we have you covered there also.

Camco’s professional-strength RV care products are powerful, dependable cleaners that save you money and time. They dramatically reduce cleaning time and leave a showroom finish every time.  Black streak remover Power away stubborn black streaks caused by window and door sealant and roof coatings. Great for interior cleaning too