Delivering exactly what consumers are looking for, Honda launches the new EU7000iS portable generator, joining the other EU generators in the Super Quiet Series line. Fuel efficiency, Clean power output, Quiet operation and longer running times – those are what Honda portable generators are known for, and the EU7000iS has them all.

Honda EU7000is portable generator
  • Honda promises the EU7000iS will be the first electronically fuel injected inverted generator. Rated at 5,500 watts with a maximum of 7,000.

With a 5.1 gallon fuel tank, the EU7000is can run six hours at rated load or estimated 18 hours at 1/4 load. Maximum output is 7000VA. It comes in pretty heavy at 262 lbs without fuel, but Honda is advertising it for home-backup power, camping & tailgating.

iMonitor, Eco Throttle, 30amp-20amp, voltage selector, eu7000is
  • The Honda EU7000iS is very quiet for it’s size. It only generates 60dB at rated load. The EU7000iS can be ran parallel with another unit for double power.
  • Honda has improved the fuel efficiency and has a dual efficient eco throttle. The fuel tank is 13% larger and 20% improved fuel consumption.
  • The EU7000is and the GX390 Engine:
  • Model: GX390
  • Engine Type: Air-cooled 4-stroke OHV single cylinder
  • Net Torque: 19.5 ft.-lb. @ 2500 rpm
  • Oil Capacity: 1.16 qts
  • Air Cleaner: Dual Element
  • Dry Weight: 262


Everyone wants to make things better.  Whether it is more efficient ways to save money, save time, or anything just to make it better.  Most RV are becoming  interested in RV LED lighting.

Most RV are interested is switching light bulbs being that it is more efficient.

Here are a few reasons to switch your current bulbs to LED bulbs.

Replacing your old bulbs with new led bulbs can be a pricy investment.   Each replacement bulb will cost an an average of twelve dollars or so, they can add up to quite a lot of money.  Once you get past the price, you can focus on how long they will last.  Most LED lights have a life expectancy of 60, 000 hours.   Therefor you not have to replace your LED Lights as often which can save you money.

LED puts off less heat than others.   LED bulbs use much less power to operate, therefore they put off less heat.  With the light being that bright nit will decrease the total amount of lights you will actually need.

You will save time by replacing your the bulbs for the last time. You will be saving time by not having to replace the bulbs anymore..

Save power by switching to LEDs.  Most lights will use up a quite bit of electricity.   They actually one of the largest cause of high electricity bills.  An average bulb actually uses up 60 watts.  An average LED bulb will use 3-4 watts.

LED Lights are bright.  The actual light given off by a light is measured in lumens. LED lights will vary from dim to  20 lumen to a tube.

Conclusion LED lights are a great upgrade.  They will save you time and money in the future.   These lights can be purchased at rvpartscountry.com offer these LED lights on their web site at a low price.


Do you need a new awning just to spruce it up or for the shade?  RV Parts Country  has several different awnings to choose from. The awnings are considered special order so it is important to order the correct one.  The model number is the sure way to order.  You can  also measure from center arm to center arm.  The awnings are available in several different colors and styles. RV Parts Country also has free shipping on the awnings.  So get busy measure, order and enjoy a new awning.

Keeping your Camper Clean

If you are seeing signs of oxidation on your camper and you don’t know what kind of cleaner to use to give your camper  its shine back try Gel Gloss.  It contains non-harmful abrasive cleaning agents that remove surface oxidation and light scratches, while leaving behind a protective carnauba wax coating. Cleans, protects and restores luster while providing a long lasting protective finish. It can also be used on acrylics, corian, porcelain, ceramic and stainless steel sinks.

Simple To Use:

Apply Gel-Gloss to dry surfaces with a clean dry cloth. Rub into surface and allow to dry to a haze. Buff off haze to a brilliant luster.

Doing this just twice per year can keep your camper looking great.

If you don’t need to wax your camper you just need to get those pesky Black Streaks off we have you covered there also.

Camco’s professional-strength RV care products are powerful, dependable cleaners that save you money and time. They dramatically reduce cleaning time and leave a showroom finish every time.  Black streak remover Power away stubborn black streaks caused by window and door sealant and roof coatings. Great for interior cleaning too

Keeping It Cool With An Air Conditioner

Summer is a very popular time for families to take vacations.  The kids are on a break from school, and you and your spouse might have been able to take a week or two off from work.  The downside to summer vacations, however, is that the weather is often quite hot; therefore, you should invest in an RV air conditioner before you leave to go on your next vacation with the kids.  When you buy a quality RV air conditioner, you can be sure that you and your family will be comfortable in spite of how hot it gets outside.

If you’ve taken road trips during the spring or fall months in the past, you might have been able to stay cool simply by rolling down your windows.  However, this simply is not the case in the summer if you’re traveling somewhere with sweltering heat outside.  Having the hot air blow in on you from the outside will not cool you down whatsoever, regardless of how much ventilation you achieve.

This is particularly true if you plan on driving through the southern part of the country while you’re on vacation.  The south is one of the most humid parts of the nation; therefore, there is more moisture in the air, which makes it feel quite heavy and oppressive.  You will need an air conditioner in order to get any relief from this type of heat.

You also will definitely want an air conditioner if you are going to be driving through a desert.  This is because when you’re in the midst of a desert, you might be hundreds of miles away from anywhere such as a rest stop to get any sort of reprieve from the heat.  It might be impossible for you to stop at a diner to cool off because it will take you multiple hours to reach the next small town.

Your kids will appreciate the fact that you’ve added an air conditioner to the mobile home because children hate feeling uncomfortable.  It already will be difficult for them to sit still and be patient throughout the entire drive, so you should make their ride as comfortable as possible.  Putting an air conditioner in the RV is an excellent way to entice them to behave themselves throughout the entire trip.

Never to Old to Camp

Never too old to camp is definitely something that I believe.  When my mother passed away my father was left alone with the exception of me and my family.  We go camping at least a few days a month and most weekends during the summer months.  When my father broke his hip he thought it was going to put a halt to our camping and offered to sign himself into an assisted living facility.  Being a daddy’s girl I knew that would never work for me so I began to search lift trays for his motorized scooter.  I found the Mobile-Lift Big Tray on rvpartscountry.com and knew that all my worries were over.  All my dad had to do was drive his scooter onto the platform, attach the safety harness and push the switch and presto he’s raised into the camper in just 60 seconds.  Dad was impressed with the purchase and I was so relieved that he dropped the topic of the assisted living situation.  My family isn’t complete without my dad around but now that we have the lift in place we don’t have to worry about that anymore.  I placed my order on Tuesday and received the lift before the end of the week so we didn’t have to miss the planned camping trip for the weekend.  The tray even has built-in “nite lites” which the kids think is so cool.  So for anyone with elderly passengers who have to have motorized assistance I would recommend this product and I definitely will be returning to rvpartscountry.com for any other camper needs I may have.  When I called regarding this lift I was given the number of the manufacturer to ensure that all my questions were answered by someone who knew the product and not just the product description.  The customer service at RV Parts Country was out of this world.  Thanks to them my father will be at home with me and the family where he belongs, whether that’s the house or the motor home I’m still thankful.

Affordable Prices at a Low Cost

When you  are currently on the market for some RV Parts, then you need to evaluate your options in terms of where you are going to buy the accessories for your mobile home.  Don’t assume that you can just go to your local mobile home retailer in order to find the necessary items for your mobile home.  Instead, you should shop around until you feel as though you are getting the best RV parts possible that are offered at a price that fits well within the confines of your budget.

You should try to find some RV parts that are quite affordable because that way, you’ll have more money to spend on other aspects of your vacation.  Or, you simply will have a few extra dollars to spend on other accessories.  Do you think you would like to purchase an air conditioner for your mobile home?  Why not purchase some magazine racks or laundry bags as well?

If you really want to save money on these goods, you should think about shopping online.  You’ll love the convenience of shopping online because you won’t have to waste time looking for a parking spot or waiting in line at a store.  Plus, if you happen to be a very busy person, you will be able to shop whenever you have some spare time and won’t have to worry about finding time in your schedule to go to a store.

You should also consider shopping online if you think it might be somewhat difficult for you to find the right mobile home part to suit your style or model of mobile home.  You shouldn’t have to worry about finding the part that is going to be just what you need, or have to waste time going from store to store just to find it. Often, online stores have much better prices than their counterparts.

As is the case whenever you are shopping on the Internet, you should exercise caution before you make a purchase.  Don’t give away your personal or banking information to any website unless you are absolutely sure that they are going to give you the service and goods you want.  If you aren’t sure whether or not a company is reputable, then you could read some customer reviews to see what others have to say about it. RV parts country has been suitable for my rv needs, they have low prices and ship out quickly.

Dicor RV Rubber Roof System

A few years ago I purchased a used RV from a few states away, while on my way home a truck pulled along side me and began waving their arms.  I didn’t pull over immediately in fear that it may be someone trying to rob me.  As scary as that thought was it was very soon to be the farthest thing from my mind.  After coming to a well lit gas station the truck pulled up beside me.  The guy hoped out and told me that I was lucky that I hadn’t killed myself as well as all the other drivers on the route.  Well needless to say I was more than a little mad at him for accusing me of putting others lives in danger.  Once I myself had calmed down I noticed he was still talking about the dangerous situation that I had been in before I stopped.  After seeing for myself what he was talking about I felt a little bad for being mad.  I discovered that my roof on the RV I had purchased was flopping in the wind.  I began to cry realizing what this stranger had told me was true.  He felt bad once he saw me crying and came forward to offer some assistance.  He told me that the best place to purchase the roof replacement was from a place called RV Parts Country.  I thought okay well I can get that and go on home, little did I know that this place was an online store so I just knew I was doomed.  The guy told me that he could install the ceiling for me at a decent price.  I placed the order at rvpartscountry.com for my Dicor RV Rubber Roof System and went to a hotel.  That night I received an email with a tracking number already included.  My rooftop was on its way to me in less than 24 hours after I placed the order.  I awoke early the next morning only to find that the roof had already arrived and was already installed.  The service was so speedy and the website easy to navigate it was almost like I didn’t have to do anything.  Let me tell you though I ended up with more that a new roof for my RV.  I also found a husband in the man who repaired my roof and a new place for my parts for my RV.  Now we’re looking on the website to see if they offer cribs.  Who would’ve thought I could be so lucky?  Thanks rvpartscountry.com for helping everything come together.


Dometic 3000 Watt Generator

I was in the market for a 3000 watt generator and found myself facing either a HUGE payment for a single generator, or the hassle of stringing several smaller ones together in unstable wiring webs. After a few trips through your website, comparing some of the brands i was familiar with, I ran across this Dometic LW3000 and thought that I had ran across an error on your site. I couldn’t believe that a full-blown powerhouse like this one could be sold so cheap. So then I thought that the brand must be wrong, Dometic is a well respected brand among RV enthusiasts and I thought there’s no way that their level of craftsmanship could be retailed so low. After juggling my skepticism and desperation, I finally caved and decided I HAD to buy this or take out a second mortgage…..BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE. This thing is amazing!!! It will run my dometic ac solo with no problem, and doesn’t sound like a chainsaw revving up in my RV. Do yourself a favor and don’t adjust your computer screen; the price is right, and its CHEAP!!! Thanks so much RV Parts Country!!!