My New Reese 5th Wheel Hitch

I have been having trouble trying to find a dealer in my town that sales Reese 5th wheel hitches. I use to have a bumper pull camper, but I wanted to upgrade to a fifth wheel camper that my buddy is wanting to sell me. He’s got a truck to he’s wanting to sell with it, but the problem is that it is a Ford and I hate to get an undependable vehicle. I have a Chevrolet Dually myself that I will use to pull it, however, I just don’t have a 5th wheel hitch and it’s killing me because I couldn’t find no one to sell me one. I went to a Chevy dealer here in town but I knew better when I heard the price he gave. My wife started looking online for Reese 5th wheel hitches and ran into a bunch of different places and that’s how I found you all. For the hitch I bought and got installed, you guys saved me right at 700 dollars. I can understand saving 100, but I thought 700 dollars was phenominal. I will do all my shopping with RV Parts Country if I ever need anything for my new 5th wheel again!