RV Skylights

Several months ago, we were getting our regular April showers and May flowers theme. We got a pretty bad thunderstorm here in Missouri and it hailed. Well, my cars stay parked under a carport and my RV is under a tree, which I would have never thought to have looked for damage on my camper. I was getting it out to use for this fall and getting it prepped for hunting season and went in the bathroom and noticed that there was quite a bit of water in there. Well, the couple months it’s been there, it’s cause my floor to get a little week, which I’ve taken the top off so it can dry out, but it wont need replaced I don’t think. There was little bead holes in it that had to have came from the hail that went all the way through the both pieces of the camper skylight. I went online to you folks, because you all have done me real good.  I got the measurement, ordered it, and it looks great. I’ll know now to look out for this kind of stuff. Thanks for the camper skylight, we really appreciate it!