The Best RV Toilet? Thetford Toilets!

Thetford toilets are, hands-down, my favorite brand of RV toilet. There are other companies out there making toilets for campers, but Thetford clearly knows what they’re doing, above and beyond what their competition does. Every camper I have ever owned has had a Thetford toilet. One of them came with the Thetford, while the other two came with some other junk-brand of toilet, and I quickly had them replaced.

You might think I’m silly for making such a big deal out of a toilet, but think about this–when you are traversing the countryside in your camper, which room are you going to HAVE to use at least two or three times a day, if not more? The bathroom! And in the bathroom, what is the most important part? The toilet!

So if you’re going to have to rely on your RV toilet so much, shouldn’t you have the best? And that’s why I trust Thetford. In all the years of owning campers, never has my Thetford toilet broken so badly that I had to replace it. Two of the three have never had a single mechanical problem, and the third had only a minor problem that I was able to repair on my own with the right part.

If you were going to have to invest in one room of your RV more than the others, I would suggest putting your money into the RV bathroom, and buy a theford toilet  for it! You’ll really appreciate it after the very first trip you take after having installed the Thetford. I guarantee it!

OH, and the best place to buy one? RV Parts Country, of course!