Barker Tote

Two months ago I bought an old camper to do all of my  fishing with. The man I purchased it from said that everything worked great when he parked it over ten years ago. I figured that since it wasn’t being used nothing would possibly be wrong with it. I went inside and checked the status of the roof and flooring and everything seemed to be in tip top shape. I could tell that some squirrels had been inside it with all of the nuts laying everywhere, but they hadn’t hurt anything as far as I could see.

When I got it back to my house I started cleaning on the inside right away. It wasn’t as dirty as you would’ve thought an 80’s model would have been, but there were still some stains. Once I got everything sparkling, I went ahead and started rinsing out the holding tanks. My fresh water tank was the first one that I tried rinsing. I noticed that when I went to let the water drain, nothing came out. I couldn’t figure it out until I got up beneath my camper. I then noticed that the tank had been dry-rotted and had a large crack in it. The water was leaking out at a faster rate than I could put it in. The first thing I did was go down to my local RV dealer to see if they could get me one, but apparently they didn’t have any with the same dimensions as mine. This was a bit of a problem, so I went online to see what I could find. Again, I could find nothing. My dad recommended me to buy one of the Barker tote tanks. When I got to searching through online prices, I learned that RV Parts Country had the lowest out of all of the competitors. I placed an order right away for the 25 gallon tank.

The week after I received my package. Inside was my Barker tote tank that I had heard bragged about for so many years from my dad. I went ahead and filled it up to see if it was in perfect shape and then let the water out. After that, I put it in my camper, filled it up, and went out on the open road. I was very pleased with the Barker Tote Tank I know now when I need a piece for my camper I’m going to RV Parts Country.