Don’t Trust Everyone

Don’t ever trust a total stranger with your camper. What I mean to say is, don’t ever just say to someone, “Sure, you can sleep in our camper tonight while we’re out hiking.” This was a big mistake.

We came back from our hike a few hours later to find that the friendly stranger whom we had allowed to nap in our camper, this person we had met once at the campground and taken a liking to, had run off with almost every single item you could carry out of there.

I mean, seriously, if it was portable or could have been removed, they took it.

So after we left the campground, and after we dealt with the police, we went home with sad looks on our faces. Our kids had lost almost all their games. We had lost almost all of our bathroom and kitchen RV accessories. This was just a really upsetting time for us.

So we went to RV Parts Country and ordered all the RV accessories we could think of, to make up for what had happened. We got games, and blankets, and pillows, and kitchen utensils, and even stuff for the RV bathroom.

Thank goodness for RV Parts Country. Due to their efficient shipping and thanks to their low prices, we got a lot of RV accessories in a very short time frame. The kids were thrilled to have some of their games back, plus some new ones. WE were glad to have our kitchen set up the way it had been, not to mention the RV bathroom.

Thank you, RV Parts Country!