Even YOU can replace your RV shower.


Nothing worse than being on the road driving for hours and find out you have a leak in your RV Shower. We were traveling from Kentucky to Benita Springs Florida to stay for a month. We stopped off in Valdosta Georgia at a campground about 30 miles from the Florida line after my daughter spilled a coke all over me and had me all sticky when I realized when I got in the shower that we had a crack in our RV Shower. Needless to say a repair was not gonna be an opition for my husband, so we went with just replacing the RV shower and surround so that we wouldn’t have to worry with this problem again. We placed the order by phone with our credit card and they delivered it to our location in Benita Springs Florida where we were gonna be staying, within a couple days. Now mind you we never replaced a RV shower before, but let me give you some helpful tips when installing the RV shower pan, you do not have to have a base when installing but it is recommended you have a base compound that will adhere the RV shower pan to the floor surface. Which actually makes repairs easier because it makes removing the shower pan easier. However make sure that there has been no floor damage or RV plumbing damage before you reinstall your RV shower pan, and if there has been, never place a new shower pan over damaged floors because you risk new cracks and more water leaks. Don’t forget all your RV plumbing, RV accessories and RV hardware that will make the installation easier and more productive. You will be able to order everything you need online and they can ship it to you along with your RV shower. We were able to make the replacement within a couple hours, which between you and me it would have taken lesser time if my husband had read the directions on how to install, but still that was no time at all compared to the time it would have taken if we had took it to a shop and had all the repairs done, not to mention the money we saved on our RV parts.