Alot of my friends have already been struck with bad winter weatherstorms.  Some have even suffered from power outages.  During the summer, outages are bad, but add cold weather and it’s unbearable. I wanted to be prepared in case we get some bad weather, too.  I don’t have alot of extra money, so I started looking around for a bargain on a high quality generator.

I saw an add for a brand new Honda EU2000I generator, and was really impressed with the price.  I went to the website that was advertising the generator and was even more impressed.  That generator is priced way below other places and it’s the quietest generator available.  Being Honda brand, I know it is of good quality and made to last.  It also has a 3 year warranty.   Even better, was the Honda EU3000 generator.  For just a little more, I could get a alot more power.  I decided to purchase a EU3000.  I also got  two of the Eu200I and a parallel cable kit to connect those two, for my dad.

Now, we are prepared for any weather that comes our way! We’re also the envy of the neighborhood. No one can believe the great deal we got those generators. I shared the website with my neighbors and they even purchased a few themselves.  Thanks, RVPartsCountry!