Honda EU 2000I Generator

WWW.RVPARTSCOUNTRY.COM   set me up with the best price I’d heard of for the Honda EU2000I Generator! They’re price is SO LOW, Honda won’t even let them post it on their website. I thought they were pulling my leg when I called in to ask the current price. I kept waiting for those “Fine Print” fees to be added to the total, but they never were. In fact, they even covered the shipping costs for me.

They also hooked me up with a Parallel Kit to connect the new one up to an older EU2000I I had bought direct from Honda, for WAY MORE. With the Parallel Kit, I received twice as much power, AND could seperate the two Generators to take on different vehicles only using the two together when I needed them.

In fact the only bad news I received from the whole experience was the fact that I had OVERSPENT A LOT in previous orders from Honda itself for other generators I have for my company! Oh well, whats done is done. From now on though, RV Parts Country has my business.