I Love Being Right

While traveling down the interstate the other day in my RV, my wife just took off running towards the back. She didn’t say what was going on, but I did hear a door open and shut very quick like. Soon after, I heard her say, “Where’s the Porta Potti at, Dear?” I then knew exactly why she took off in such a hurry. I immediately yelled to her, “It’s in the closet!” Afterwards, I heard another door open and close loudly. I smiled to myself and kept on driving down the interstate.

For almost 5 years, we’ve been going camping. During these five years, I’ve been trying to get my wife to invest in a Porta Potti. She has always said it would’ve been a useless investment seeing that we already have a bathroom installed in our RV. I have told her that we may be out somewhere and it could tear up, but she thinks the chances of that happening are slim to none. In my mind, I was excited that our toilet tore up because I got to prove to my wife that she was wrong. I ordered the Porta Potti behind her back one day and she almost had a heart attack when it was placed on my doorstep. When she finished her business, she came directly to me and apologized for the actions she had displayed the day it arrived. I felt some satisfaction from it actually.

The reason I had ordered the Porta Potti, was because I knew how much they were and how much cheaper they were on this website called RV Parts Country. I knew with those prices, they probably would sell out fast or be likely to increase in price, so I went ahead and ordered. The difference between prices was phenomenal. I really couldn’t believe the deal I got, so I was quite pleased personally despite what my wife said about me wasting money. Now that she has apologized to me several times about it, I feel much better. She gave me the okay to order any other parts I think we need as well for a future reference. All I have to say is when I’m right, I’m right.