Lighting the Way

When we sit outside our camper in the mid-summer evenings, we really do feel a connection with nature that brings peace to our lives. This is one of the primary reasons we go camping. While we’re out in the middle of nature, we still like to surround ourselves with some of the more “frivolous” trappings of modern life, such as our motorhome itself, as well as other amenities that some folks may find a bit unnecessary.

Of all the things we bring along on our road trips, the two things we would never go without are actually quite straightforward–our outdoor recliners, and more importantly, our RV awning lights. Those lights really add a lot to our evening camping experiences. Without them, our campsite just wouldn’t be the same.

There is something really inspiring about sitting beneath our awning, looking up at the moon, and being surrounded by beautiful lights of different colors. And we don’t just have one set to use–we have a LOT of awning lights. Some are even themed to go along with holidays or specific places we might visit (for example, we’ve taken our camper to NASCAR races, and we’ve decorated our awning with little racing flag lights for those times). But it’s the RV awning globe lights that make us the happiest, that bring us the most relaxation. These lights are absolutely beautiful, and we have several different sets of them, all different colors. Depending on our moods, we choose which lights we would like to have hanging at any given time. Sometimes we go for purple, or gold, or even the multi-colored “rainbow” of lights.

If you ever need to make your campsite more inviting to fellow campers, this is one way to do it, for sure. Just hang some interesting or attractive lights from your awning, and you will be able to say to total strangers, “We welcome you.”

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