My New RV Faucet

There are so many parts to any RV, and you never know when something is going to break or need replacing. You could invest a lot of money into making sure that everything is working and replaced when necessary, and I have often found that this is a very good practice to follow.

But sometimes, you discover that something could use replacing even when it isn’t broken. For example, we had a sink that looked really nice, and it had a nice faucet. There was nothing wrong with it, mechanically speaking. But we always had trouble filling up any kind of pot or kettle under the RV faucet. It was simply too small. So we came to the realization that we were simply going to have to invest in a brand new RV faucet.

Once we had decided we needed to replace it, we began looking around on the internet for a good place to buy a new RV faucet. There were plenty of places carrying new ones, but their prices were outrageous, or in some cases, their processing and shipping times were just a bit too much for us. But then we found RV Parts Country. They had the nicest selection of faucets and the best prices, without a doubt. We spent a lot of time just looking at all the options before we finally made a selection.

So we went ahead and placed our order online, and the new faucet came for our camper two days later! I installed it myself, and I was really impressed by the whole process, from finding it online, to ordering it, to receiving and installing it.

Thanks to RV Parts Country, we now have no trouble filling up our kettles and pots in our RV kitchen.