No More Awning Damage With A Weather Pro Awning By Dometic

Dometic awning replacement fabric is a popular product.  Awning can be damaged while driving down the road. They can also be damaged while even parked in a campground.  This can either be caused by rain adding too much weight to the fabric and roller tube, causing it to bend due to high winds. The WeatherPro awning  is a great investment for your RV as it will prevent damage from  the rain wind or just from other act.

The weatherpro requires a control box kit htat will include a wind sensor.  The wind sensor is the main benefit to having the Weatherpro awning.  The wind sensor will detect high winds that can cause damage to your awning.  Once the wind reaches a high enough speed, the awning will automatically roll back up to the RV.   Another benefit of the weatherpro awning is that it is a power awning.

The Weatherpro Awning also comes with a metal weathershield.  The weathershield is the flap of either vinyl on the 8500 series, or the metal that protects the awning fabric when it is rolled up next to the RV. The weatherpro awning fabric comes in either a vinyl or acrylic canvas. The color willbe on the top[ and the bottom.  The acrylic option is an upgrade to the vinyl as the acrylic is an actual woven fabric.  The color will be more vibrant with the acrylic fabric, and is found on more of the higher end coaches.  The Weather pro awnings  are available in12-21′ lengths.  The colors options are various and are seen on