Planning Your RV Size

RV parts are not just the things that go under your RV. They are also all of the features that make up your RV, such as the couch, the kitchen, and the bed. RV parts are unique since they are custom built to fit in your RA.

While these parts are not always cheap, they are essential to making your home away from home. Living in an RV is not always easy, but having the right parts and accessories can make it much easier to survive.

When choosing an RV you always want to look to make sure it is affordable, functional, practical, and fits your needs. While most RVs are large, they still come in various sizes.

A family of two does not necessarily need the largest RV on the market while a family of five may want to consider it. Another consideration to factor into your decision is who will be driving and whether the RV can be driven comfortable by said driver.

Another important factor to consider is the furnishings in the RV. A family that plans to travel and live in the RV should obviously make sure that their RV has a bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen already included. Adding these in after purchase would be extremely pricey and probably not worth the effort.

When I purchased my first RV it was only my wife and me. We bought a small RV that was fully furnished so it was a perfect fit. We had a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom that provided more than enough space for us. After our first child we kept the same RV.

However, when we had our second child we knew it was time to upgrade. We attempted to modify our existing RV to accommodate for our children, but it did not work.

We put in a table and arranged for some cribs, but the space was just too tight. Therefore we finally took the plunge and upgraded to an RV that had a built in table and two pull out beds.

The extra space was all that we needed in order to function in this space with our family.

RV parts are great as long as you have the space to upgrade. With our first purchase we did not take the future into consideration.

When we were married we knew we wanted to have children, but we did not factor this into our RV purchase decision and were therefore forced to upgrade down the road.