Porta-Potti for Convenience and Emergencies

There was this trip I went on where I learned the hard way that you really could use a Porta-Potti, even if you already have a working toilet in your camper. We were going camping for a couple of weeks out in the wilderness, and I forgot to bring our Porta-Potti along. Normally, we would only need it for when we far from our camper, out in the woods, spending the night hunting.

But on this trip in particular, the ONE time I didn’t bring along the Porta-Potti, our camper’s toilet completely broke down. This created a real set of problems for everyone involved.

First of all, we simply had nowhere to do our business. Now, I realize that plenty of folks will do that out in the woods with no problem, but you don’t know my family. They are a bit spoiled, especially my wife and teenage daughter, when it comes to this sort of thing, so they are not even slightly accustomed to using the restroom behind a bush!

Essentially, everyone was upset about the process of using “nature” to go to the bathroom. Had I brought along the Porta-Potti, this never would have been a problem.

The best thing about the Porta-Potti is that you can carry it with you into the woods, onto a boat, or any other place where the comfort of using a toilet would be needed. They flush the waste into a storage unit, which can later be emptied. They do not stink, they are easy to clean, and they are, most importantly, affordable. Most people will tell you that they are the most affordable when you buy them from RV Parts Country, and those people would be RIGHT!

So plan ahead and get yourself a Porta-Potti from RV Parts Country today!