Repairs On The Road

While traveling with an older vehicle, now and then, you can run into some RV repairs. Are you concerned about leaving on a long trip with an older RV? If so, perhaps, you should check out so we can help to put your mind at ease.

We’ve found that following a few simple steps can prevent or, at least, ease the pain of RV repairs while on the road:
A thorough check of the RV before you leaves home. If you’ve bought a used RV for your trip, drive it around home territory for at least 2 months to be sure you’re comfortable with it. Try out all of its features. Tell your trusted mechanic of your travel plans and have him check all the mechanical aspects of the vehicle.
If you already have a roadside assistance plan, review its coverage. If you don’t have any plan, consider buying one before leaving home.
Fellow RVers are usually very able, willing, and eager to help diagnose, fix the problem, or suggest a nearby repair facility they have used.
The staff at auto parts stores such as Auto Zone, Checkers, and Napa is often a great source of information. Often they can help you figure out what the problem is and if you do need to go to a repair shop, they can often recommend a good local mechanic.
Carry tools with you.

If you are someone that’s pretty handy with tools and do some of your own mechanical work, you’ll know what to bring. If not, here’s a list of suggested tools to carry. It’s what we carry on our trips. Other than the jack and jack stands, most of these will fit into one medium sized tool box.

And one last thing….Make Sure that you ENJOY your Camping trip! RV Parts Country has all the RV Accessories that you could ever need!