RV Advent Air Conditioner

When the cooling unit went out of my RV, I knew I had to get a new RV air conditioner and I had to get it fast. Ever since my wife passed away last spring, I decided I’m going to hit the road in my Free Lander for a couple of years. Through her sickness, we never got to continue our journey on the roads, so I figured if I got out of the house it would do these old bones some good.

While traveling through Mississippi I noticed it wasn’t getting any cooler. I only have one 13.5 BTU RV air conditioner on my roof, so it’s not like I had a spare. I called my son to see if the dealership back home could ship me an RV air conditioner to Louisiana, but they said they didn’t want to be liable for it if it were to arrive damaged. I didn’t know the area very well, and from looking at it I could tell that there probably wasn’t a place around that sold any type of RV parts. I stopped at a McDonalds to see if they had Wi-Fi and to my luck they did. I got online on my laptop and found you guys at RV Parts Country. I found the Advent RV air conditioner. I was excited to find you guys, because you shipped it to me the same day. I love my Advent