RV Awnings

When I needed rv awnings for my rv, I did not want to overpay. I knew that I was handy enough to be able to install it myself if I could get some thorough instructions. I decided to turn to the internet to check out different rv awnings. I had a very large camper and I was hoping that I could find an awning that was fairly large in its size. I had just purchased the camper last summer and I really enjoyed taking trips with it. My one complaint was that there weren’t any outdoor spaces at campsites that were sheltered from rain and sun. I decided to make my own sheltered space by purchasing an rv awning. That way, on my next trip, a rain shower wouldn’t ruin my plans. I could have an instant outdoor shelter that protected me from the elements so that I could take my dogs out and read a magazine outdoors no matter what the weather. I also liked the fact that the rv awning would be located directly outside my camper. A few steps out the door and I’ve have my own covered outdoor space to do whatever I fancy. I wouldn’t have to walk around trying to find a pavilion to eat my lunch at. The awning would be especially useful for when I needed to take my dogs out. While I knew that they didn’t mind the weather I was not thrilled about standing outside in the rain while they played around for half an hour burning up their endless energy. I knew an awning would make my camper even more enjoyable. I looked online and I was able to find awnings that were made of durable vinyl and twenty one feet long. This would be perfect for my camper. I was even able to select from a variety of different colors so that I could match my camper’s exterior to the awning I selected. I couldn’t believe how affordable these awnings were. The site was very helpful in making it easy to select the appropriate hardware to install the awning. I placed my order and eagerly waited for my awning to arrive. Within a short amount of time I received my awning and the hardware. The instructions for set up were very detailed and it went smoothly. I was able to complete the job on my own except for needing my neighbor to assist me in holding up and positioning pieces. I can’t wait to get on the road.