RV Sinks Don’t Stink

I love taking my kids with me on vacations, but every once in awhile, they’ll do something on the trip that really burns me up.

Take, for example, this last RV trip we went on together. My little boy, who is eight years old, decided that he needed to brush his teeth with GRAPE SODA while we were on the road. He basically stained our RV sink so much that we realized we were going to have to replace the old one.

My wife was only slightly more upset about this than I was.

It turns out that grape soda is very difficult to remove from anything, especially an RV sink. So we went to a few RV parts shops but had a lot of trouble finding a sink the right size, and also the color was an issue as well. My wife wanted to keep the color we’d had, but I wanted to change to something more “space age.”

Anyway, we couldn’t make up our minds. So we contacted RV Parts Country. These folks are so friendly! They were glad to take our order for the RV sink we had found on their website.

A couple of days later, the RV sink came to our house. We installed it with no problems, and we were ready to get back on the road for our next adventure.

But my son had something else in mind–he saw how the grape soda stained the sink, so he had begun to wonder . . . what would happen if he brushed his teeth with ORANGE SODA?!? No matter–we ordered a stainless steel sink this time to replace the acrylic one we had. Now we didn’t have to worry so much about our songs shenanigans.