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There are so many times that I have regretted not planning ahead. On how many occasions have I found myself on a long road-trip without the necessary RV supplies? This is something that could easily be avoided with just the smallest amount of planning, but for some reason, I tend to not plan ahead properly.

I’ll never forget the time I was traveling across the Nevada desert, and I had just passed the last little town before hitting a long stretch of road that would go on for many, many, many miles without a single place to stop for RV supplies if something went wrong. You would think this little town wouldn’t even have an RV parts shop, but they actually did, as was evidenced by the billboard just outside of town. I considered stopping in to see what they had to offer, but I was lazy, and kept on driving. I’m not a big fan of navigating my RV through the small streets of most older, tinier towns.

But passing this place was definitely an error on my part, because approximately ten minutes after I had done so, I began to notice a strange smell emanating from somewhere behind me, but within my camper. At first I just wrote it off as stinking food scraps from the kitchen area nearby, but as the minutes passed, the smell got worse, and soon I discovered that something horrible had happened–and I have no idea how I’d gone so long without noticing–my refrigerator had been broken all day, and the food inside was beginning to spoil. I pulled over to investigate and quickly assessed the situation. I figured out what was wrong, but I needed a specific part to fix it.

Had I stopped at that rv suppliesĀ  store, I could likely have gotten what I needed. So I drove back to the town, and I had RV Parts Country send me the part I needed. It only took two days, but during those two days, I had to pay the motel for parking in their lot, even though I slept in my camper!

At least RV Parts Country is there for me.