RVi Brake’s unique one touch auto position technology allows for a perfect installation every time. Tlo install the RVi brake, attach the spring-loaded clevis onto the brake pedal, plug the power cord into the towed vehicle’s 12 volt receptacle and press the auto start button on the control panel. The RVi brake’s adjustable actuator will push on the brake pedal 5 times, allowing the housing to make back a little at a time until the housing is up against the seat pan of the towed vehicle. This on of a kind technology ensures that the RVi brake is properly installed every time. The breakaway system that is included activates the RVi brake in the rare event that the towed vehicle detaches from the motorhome while traveling. The RVi brake is a fully proportional auxillary braking system that can be used with vaccum or active brake towed vehicles. The RVi brake’s unique one touch auto positioning technology allows for a perfect install every time. It features one touch auto positioning, no pushing against soft seats, two thirds smaller, proportional braking, works with both vacuum and active brake systems. If you are looking to buy the RVi brake, give us a call for an additional discount at rvpartscountry.com