RV=Recreational Vendetta

My RV is just fantastic. If I had one word to describe it, it would be “perfect!” My family and I have been everywhere in it. There is plenty of room for whatever you need to do. Sure, it looks a little rough on the outside, but its been faithful for all these years so I’m not really worried about it. I have bragged to everyone I work and camp with about it. I’ve went years without having to buy any RV parts for it. I think of myself as a lucky man. Well, the sad thing is, last week it seems like everything went wrong on my RV. Everyone said that bragging would lead to bad luck. I fell right off of my high horse that day.

My wife, kids, and I had just pulled up on the campground last week for what we thought was going to be some family fun. I sure was wrong about that. I noticed that my left tail light was out on arrival. Later that night, I went to take a shower, and wouldn’t you know it, the water holding tank had a crack in it and the water had dripped out on the way to the campsite. This was such a mess. There wasn’t an RV parts place around anywheres. The family and I decided just to wing the rest of the trip and make the best of it, so while sitting down for some tv time, I noticed that I had no reception. So to find out, my satellite had just stopped working for no apparent reason. We had to turn around and just go home. I hated to do this, but we didn’t have any other choice.

When we got back to the house, my wife got on the internet and started looking for the parts I needed at a discount price. That’s when we stumbled upon RV Parts Country. We ordered all of our parts we needed, and the great part was, we got them literally in 2 days. This allowed us the time to go back on our trip before my kids’ spring break was over. I would like to personally thank my friends at RV Parts Country, and to let you know that when we have another RV disaster, you’ll be hearing from us!