What’s more cozy than a fire in the fireplace?

What’s more cozy than a fire in the fireplace?  Nothing.  I was camping recently with some friends and found what I had been missing, the Dimplex Electric Fireplace.  I was so excited to learn that these were available for use in an RV.  It looks so realistic and serves a dual purpose either cosmetic or for heating purposes.  I was surprised to learn that I could purchase this luxury from rvpartscountry.com.  I looked on the website and was even more excited when I found out that you can heat with it for less than 3 pennies per hour and it comes with a remote control.  I wanted to know all the information I could about the product before purchasing.  I contacted rvpartscountry.com by telephone and was greeted immediately by a representative.  They were so helpful, what questions they couldn’t answer were answered by the manufacturer.  I was so pleased with the service that I received through rvpartscountry.com.  I was pleasantly surprised to have received my new Dimplex Electric Fireplace within 3 business days.  The website rvpartscountry.com is loaded with lots of items that anyone who owns an RV may need at some point.  Never did I imagine I would have a fire in the fireplace with the click of a button but I do.