You Need a Water Pump at All Times

When you can’t get hooked up to city water, a Shurflo water pump will provide your RV with water for your sinks, showers, etc. This is really necessary when you are on the road, or when you camp at a location that does not provide city-water hookups.

Once, my family and I were traveling through Nevada, and we had just left a campground that had city-water hookups. We took care of everything that needed our attention before we left the campground, and we really didn’t expect to need to use any water for the next few hours of our trip.

But then we got a flat tire, and we really were out “in the middle of nowhere.” For several hours, we waited for roadside assistance, and during that time we ended up needing to eat, and wash our hands, and use the toilet. We didn’t have any problems at first, but then our water pump stopped working. We’d had it for many years and really hadn’t given it much attention, as far as maintenance goes. Soon we came to the realization that we were in trouble, though, because once the RV was fixed, we still had a very long distance to go before we would reach any city-water hookups.

So we stopped at the first town we came across and parked at a cheap motel where they allowed us to stay for free, fortunately. We called our favorite provider of RV parts–RV Parts Country–and we ordered a brand new Shurflo water pump.

Believe it or not, even in the middle of the desert in a remote, small town, we still got that pump delivered to us at the motel the next day! With the new pump installed, we were ready for the rest of our trip, and we had a wonderful time together.

You can always count on RV Parts Country when you need a part fast!!!