Green Hornet Degreaser

I got my Green Hornet Degreaser and it is the best item since sliced bread! I seen you all had it advertised and the product is terrific! I have a hybrid camper with the pop up expandable portions on it where the beds go. There is mildew and stains on that white canvas so thick I can’t get them out with a wire brush. I’ve bought the awning cleaners, and black stream removers, and every other camper cleaner I can think of but this has been the only one to get it off! I’m really proud of my new product. It’s one of the only cleaners I’ve ever bought to do what it says. I’m coming back to your website to buy more of┬áthe Green Hornet degreaser camper cleaner and actually use some of it for my house. I had a Kool-aid spill on my floor that the mop wouldn’t really get up. It’s like it stained the material, and I used the last of what I bought on that, but it got it up with no problem. The Green Hornet cleaner really is the all around cleaner for every purpose.