RV Parts Country Review From Bob and Shirley

Hey guys! I’ve been ordering from a certain company for years and my husband and I was down at Rice Lake this past weekend for Memorial Day and heard some folks at the next camp site saying they order parts from RV Parts Country. I needed the RV Air Conditioner for my travel trailer as an additional spare for when it gets hot and they said they gave you folks like 250 dollars off what they wanted from our usual guys we buy from. After reviewing your company and items, I knew I couldn’t beat the price with a stick! My Husband Bob isn’t able to put the AC on, but we got three strong boys who are and we got it Wednesday and it was perfect!!! I was not charged any fee to purchase from you folks at RV Parts Country and I am very satisfied with my air conditioner. I usually don’t write reviews for companies, but RV Parts Country saved me close to $250 and I am very thankful. Post this review for us and we will be buying again from you. Thank you guys so much!!


Shirley and Bob from Wisconsin