5 Things You Should Not Do When Getting Ready To Store Your Camper

Well everyone it is that time of year again to get that camper ready for the winter.   I have five things you should not do when storing your camper.

1. Leaving food inside the camper, so you want have to stock it nest season.  Truth is these critters are waiting, they get cold and need a place to stay. Make sure you have  all the food cleaned out of the cracks and crevices, and seal pinholes with foam.

2.  Shut the referigerator Tight,  whats that smell? Leave it cracked with a block or something and put an odor absorebers  inside. Does not  matter how clean it is, after being shut up it will STINK.

3.  Dont worry about cleaning the outside, it will clean up on the first time in the spring, especially if it is raining.  All the leaves that are falling is going to stain your roof, if they are any black streaks it is going to be twice as difficult to get off.   It is always best to clean the inside and out before storing it.  If you have an awning it should be cleaned as well to prevent stains on it in your traveling season.

4.  No need to drain the water system, I am storing it inside.  Stagnat water turns nasty and pollutes holding tanks.  Remaining liquid can freed and burst the pipes during frigid temperatures.

5.  Take your propane  tanks off and store them inside the unit.  Even though this sounds like a good idea, it could end in an explosive way.  You have to be cautious.  Propane containers should be topped odd before storage. Need to shut off the lp supply completely and cover the tanks to elimate dust.   Also always plug the fitting on the tank outlet with the appropriate plug.

Now that you have some suggestions on what not to do, take your time and do it right and when you get ready to get that camper out in the spring it will be in perfect condition and ready to go.