Big RV Parts Order

Recently I purchased a used camper from an old couple here in town and they told me the camper was in perfect condition so I took the word on it before actually testing everything. Everything looked good though inside an out and I’ve went to church with these people almost all my life. When I took it camping last weekend, they had totally lied to me. The RV water heater shot streams out everywhere, the faucets both leaked, all the light bulbs were blowed or missing, the RV awning had a huge rip when I rolled it out, the Norcold refrigerator didn’t get cold, the air conditioner wouldn’t cool, and it was just a messy camping trip. I gave these people a good price for the unit, and I paid for it based on their word that everything worked. There was no way I’d gave that much knowning I would have been out this much money. After searching google for a while the other night for some RV parts, I couldn’t find any other website with better prices online so I knew I had to order from you guys. I have been out another 2000 dollars on all of these rv parts, but it was better than giving the other guys 3 thousand dollars. Anyways, I’d like to thank you guys for having such good prices at RV Parts Country and let everyone know to check out what they are buying without taking their word no matter how long you’ve known them.