BLUE OX Tow Accessories

I have always been big on Blue Ox hitches and accessories, especially their tow bar products. When I was a boy, I use to go camping with my parents and they always had to have the best. The problem with that was that it rubbed off on me. Now that I’m a few years older, married, and have a family of my own, I too have to have the best. One thing I get concerned about is finding the product that will fit my family and my needs. I live in a small town, so finding a piece of high quality for my hitch needs is extremely hard to do. I tried my local vendors and RV dealerships and they all exclaimed that they couldn’t order any Blue Ox products. This was just my luck.

Jasmine, my wife, suggested that we get on the internet and continue our search there. I tried several different websites from my search engine and I noticed that RV Parts Country kept popping up into my options list. I clicked on the website and noticed right away that they had the best prices out of everybody that I had previously visited earlier that day. I went ahead and ordered the hitch I needed for my camper, along with some other high quality products for the family. I even bought the boys an early Christmas present set of corn-hole boards.

Last Friday, which is two days later than I ordered, my hitch and accessories arrived on my porch. I really couldn’t believe the fast rate that it shipped. It literally blew my mind. I’m going to go when I get off work and get it installed so we can pull our new Laredo travel trailer camper. I can’t wait to get to try it out!