Campers for sale at Big Daddy RV’s

Camping is the most relaxing thing in my life.  I work 50 plus hrs. per weeks and almost every weekend in the summer I am set up at my local camp ground.  The smell of a camp fire takes me back to my childhood.  My wife and children were getting a little cramped in our old camper so we decided to sell it and look for a new camper for sale.  Here in Texas we have a lot of camper dealers.  I wasn’t interested in their campers for sale.  I wanted something specific.  I had been trying to find my perfect camper for a few months.  It needed to have a master bedroom along with a separate bunk house for my kids.  I was referred to Big Daddy RV’s by a friend who had just purchased an camper from them.  I called the 800 number and talked to one of their sales professionals about campers for sale.  I thought that thy might have a Texas location because KY was pretty far from me.  After talking to the salesman for just a few minutes he said we have a camper for sale just for you.    He directed me to the website where I was able to find the camper he was referring to.  It was perfect!  A Coachmen Chaparral with a master bedroom and separate bunk house.  My wife and kids were very pleased with Big Daddy’s selection of campers for sale.  I then asked the question about a Texas location.  He told me that they would ship me a camper from their location in London KY to My home here in Texas for a small fee.  It was going to be a lot cheaper and easier for me to have them ship the camper here to Texas than for me to travel there.  I was very excited and so was my wife.  The camper arrived within 3 business days.  I had it set up and ready for my weekend camping trip.  I could not be happier with my camper!  If you are in Texas or any other state and are looking for a camper for sale, check out Big Daddy’s, you will not be disappointed!


Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved camping.  Weather it was in a tent or in a camper.  I had been trying to talk my husband into getting us a camper for a few months.  I had researched campers for sale in our area and was unable to find one that we just loved.  I decided to take to the internet to help in my search.  When I first found Big Daddy RV’s I said to myself WOW they have a lot of campers for sale.  There website was so easy to navigate that my five year old daughter found a camper that she fell in love with.  She was the one who actually talked her daddy into getting a camper.  I called Big Daddy RV’s and spoke to Doug.  I asked him straight up about their camper for sale.  He was up front and honest with me about everything I asked him.  I had him on the phone for hrs. talking about all the different campers they had for sale.  We decided to purchase our camper from Big Daddy RV’s.  Their prices were thousands of dollars lower than every other dealer that we had looked at, and they had the best service.  We drove to KY to pick up our new Keystone Outback and we were so surprised by the way we were greeted.  They treated us like we were royalty.  Our camper was clean and smelled great.  We were given a full walk through and shown how to work everything on our camper.  When we pulled away from their lot I was confident that we had made the right decision by going with Big Daddy’s.  If you are looking for campers for sale I would highly recommend that you go with Big Daddy RV’s!