Dicor RV Rubber Roof Sysyem

A few years ago I purchased a used RV from a few states away, while on my way home a truck pulled along side me and began waving their arms.  I didn’t pull over immediately in fear that it may be someone trying to rob me.  As scary as that thought was it was very soon to be the farthest thing from my mind.  After coming to a well lit gas station the truck pulled up beside me.  The guy hoped out and told me that I was lucky that I hadn’t killed myself as well as all the other drivers on the route.  Well needless to say I was more than a little mad at him for accusing me of putting others lives in danger.  Once I myself had calmed down I noticed he was still talking about the dangerous situation that I had been in before I stopped.  After seeing for myself what he was talking about I felt a little bad for being mad.  I discovered that my roof on the RV I had purchased was flopping in the wind.  I began to cry realizing what this stranger had told me was true.  He felt bad once he saw me crying and came forward to offer some assistance.  He told me that the best place to purchase the roof replacement was from a place called RV Parts Country.  I thought okay well I can get that and go on home, little did I know that this place was an online store so I just knew I was doomed.  The guy told me that he could install the ceiling for me at a decent price.  I placed the order at rvpartscountry.com for my Dicor RV Rubber Roof System and went to a hotel.  That night I received an email with a tracking number already included.  My rooftop was on its way to me in less than 24 hours after I placed the order.  I awoke early the next morning only to find that the RV roof had already arrived and was already installed.  The service was so speedy and the website easy to navigate it was almost like I didn’t have to do anything.  Let me tell you though I ended up with more that a new roof for my RV.  I also found a husband in the man who repaired my roof and a new place for my parts for my RV.  Now we’re looking on the website to see if they offer cribs.  Who would’ve thought I could be so lucky?  Thanks rvpartscountry.com for helping everything come together.