Dometic LW3000 Generator

I am an avid outdoorsman, and a full time RV-er. I will usually take the old camper out for a week or so, during different hunting seasons, and make it my home base for the hunt. It doesn’t have a built in generator, like some bigger and newer models, yet most of the stuff I take for the trips need some power. So, needless to say, I found myself in the market for a portable generator. I quickly came to finding out that there were two classes of generators; a dirt cheap, Chinese brand that had about as much power output as a D battery, or a 2-ton behemoth of a generator that was essentially a humming power plant, yet cost about as much!

There was no middle ground. I was stuck with either having not enough, or having too much and paying for it. That was until I found the Dometic brand LW3000. It is a 3000 Watt generator, made by a brand I recognized, and was fairly well priced. So I did a search on it and found RV Parts Country, which deals directly with Dometic and offered the same model as the other guys at a MUCH lower price, and FREE SHIPPING. So I ordered mine, and got it quick and now every time I go on a trip (whether I come back empty-handed or not) I’ve got peace of mind that I can power all my needs.