Don’t Let Your Wife Drive Your RV

Last year I purchased my first ever RV. I went down to my local RV dealer in town and browsed through their selection until I found one that I fell in love with. It was a 2008 Fleetwood Excursion. I know that the price was a little high, but I couldn’t live without it. That summer, my family and I decided we’d actually take a summer long vacaction to see the wide open roads. We wanted to go from coast to coast, but that didn’t happen.

One week into our trip after leavig San Francisco we arrived at a small park in Wyoming. My wife had pestered me this whole vacation about driving it, so I decided I’d let her drive it to our parking spot. While she was backing up, I was motioning for her. Apparently, when I yelled, “HOAH!”, she thought I was yelling, “GO!” She actually stopped when she hit the tree. I couldn’t believe she couldn’t read my signals. I was so upset with her. I gave $150,000 for the unit, and she had already wrecked it.

After seeing she was okay, I went to check out the damage that had been done. I could hear my kids snickering in the background in regards to their mother’s bad driving abilities. She didn’t bust out any glass thankfully, but she did mess up the roof. There appeared to be a crack in it from one of the branches she snagged. I got on my Blackberry and went to my best friend’s favorite website of RV Parts Country and immediatley started browsing through their vast selection of RV roof repair products. To my surprise, they had many different products to choose from at all low prices.

Two days later, Federal Express came knocking on my RV’s door. I knew right away that they had my RV roof repair kit I had ordered. This was a costly expirience for and my wife both, but I hope she learned something from it. I guess the moral of it all is, don’t let you wife drive!