Honda Generators

Last Friday, I received a Honda generator at my doorstep from RV Parts Country. I really enjoyed the fast customer shipping I received and great customer service. I had been looking to buy a Honda generator for about 4 months and really just couldn’t find the price range I’d been searching for. I’m always taking my RV out during the summer, but I upgraded to a 15 thousand BTU A/C unit, and needed something to run it. The Honda EU3000is didn’t really have the capability to do this, so I bought 2 of the Honda EU2000i’s along with a parallel cable to link them together to make a 4000 amp generator. That Saturday, I got to put my RV and Honda generators to the test as I went camping in the Daniel Boone Nation Forest in Northern Kentucky. There is a great stream that runs that is stocked full with trout. I always enjoy fishing while I camp, and it calls for a great meal! After getting my stringer full and losing all of my fluids through perspiration due to the hot sun, I went back to my RV to sit beneath the cool A/C unit I have. So I fired up my 2 Honda EU2000i’s, plugged up my generator adapter and cord, cranked up my A/C, and sat in the recliner while my fish were frying on the stove. My first thought of the Honda generators, were that they are so quiet, but yet, they are so portable. Its hard to understand why one company is so much better than another, but the main part is, I have the best! After eating my fish sandwiches, I put the rest in the refrigerator for an evening snack! When my wife was still alive, we always use to come up here for a weekend getaway to fish and cookout. It seemed to always sooth us. She passed away a couple year back with cancer, but sometimes I still feel like she’s right here with me. I know she would love the capability of these Honda generators. Her health wasn’t so fine in the last couple years we came here, so we never really done that much fishing. I could tell that it would depress her, but I know she would have if she’d been able. She use to get annoyed by the past generator we had. It was so loud. Since she had to stay in the RV almost all the time, she had to put up with the noise. I just wish she was here with me now to see how quiet these things are!