How to Stay Cool in a Hot Situation

Everyone loves to sit in shade and enjoy a nice breeze. Its one of the small joys of being out in the woods in the summer. You find a nice big oak tree to sit under and you sip on some sweet tea while enjoying a nice breeze coming from a nearby river or lake. being able to enjoy these types of days with my family are some of the best memories I have. Not every camping trip comes equipped with a nice shade tree though. Sometimes you spend so much time under the sun that when you come back to the camper you have no place to escape those rays except going inside your camper. My family and I recently planned a trip to go camping and we ran into one of these spots that leaves us with no real shade trees. I decided it was time to start shopping for an awning.

When it comes to purchasing an awning I have to make sure that I get the measurements right and order all the extra hardware. Ill be the first to admit that I am not savvy when it comes to figuring these things out. I decided to check out a site called to see if they could help me. They helped me figure out my measurement and I settled on a 20 foot awning from A&E Dometic. The camper I was installing this on is a nice shade of blue, silver and white so I went with the blue steel awning with a silver colored hardware. I was worried about the shipping when it came to crunch time because we were leaving in 2 weeks. RV Parts Country was able to get me my awning in just 5 days. I was able to get the awning installed and the camper read for the big trip without any worry.

The family and I found a nice spot to park the camper and we immediately tested out the new awning. We were able to get plenty of shade and keep cool under the sweltering heat of the summer. We were able to enjoy the week even when we had a storm. Our awning was able to withstand some wind with no damage and also was able to handle the downpour with no water dripping through. The kids loved being able to stay outside in the storm and stay dry. The utility of a 20 foot awning that extends 8 to 9 feet out really keeps the spirits high when mother nature tries to drown them out.