Making Life Simple

While camping in Nevada this past month, I’ve realized that technology has greatly advanced in the past couple of years. I was sitting in my RV, knowing that the septic tank was almost full, but still didn’t have a care to the world. While sitting in the comfort of my RV, I knew that everything would be just fine, because all I have to do is hook up my lines from the camper to the portable Barker Tote tank that I bought. It gives me 42 gallon of extra tank capacity. This extra 42 gallon is a plenty. I really hate having to dump my RV when I’m in the middle of camping. It’s such a hassle to have to get set up and then having to take it down just to go 50 feet to the dump site and then have to set back up again. 

With my Barker tote tank, I just hook it back to my Silverado and pull it over to the site and dump it like I would my camper. I release my valve, and out it shoots. Unfortunately, the odor isn’t eliminated, but that’s fine by me. Even if I didn’t want to drive, it is so portable with the 4 wheels and tow handle that I could just drag it over to the dump station by myself. 

I ordered my Bark Tote tank from RV Parts Country almost a year ago now, and it made it to my top ten best purchases in my life. When it said that it makes my life easier, I had no idea that they meant it’d be this much easier. Just a while back my wife even took it over to a dump site and realized how easy it was. She was very impressed. It is amazing to see a 69 year old woman pull a portable tank that is full to the brim. I have RV Parts Country to thank this new technology!