Multi-Colored Globe Lights

If you’re looking for the magnificent item that just puts your RV or camper on top when in comparison with the others, then look no further than our multi-colored globe lights for your RV awning. RV Parts Country has all the RV parts and accessories that you need to give any camper a nice sleek appeal. Our globe lights are of the highest qualities and have the best prices around. This string light set is very portable, weather resistant, has a coiled cord that can extend up to 30 feet, has 20 feet of straight cord with a Polarized Plug, shatterproof polycarbonate housing, suitable for up to 60W maximum bulbs, and are perfect for any outdoor event.

Outdoor String Light Sets has been sweeping the RV industry for several years now and now its time for you to get in on this action as well. Not only are they great for RV’ing, but also great around your house or a barbeque. RV globe lights, also known as awning lights, has been giving people the pleasure of unique design for years. If you’re wanting to spice up your camping trip, be sure to order a set today. Be sure to tell your friends too.