My Awning Adventure

RV Awning



A couple years ago, my husband and I decided to take us a getaway to Ohio. So me being the person that double checks herself over and over to make sure everything is perfect. I take myself out to the camper to make me a list of stuff that we are going to need on our vacation. So as I go through the camper everything looks as it should and my list is made. Later that evening when my husband came home from work he asked if I had checked everything and got the supplies and things we needed. Yes I replied everything looks great.

The next morning we got up at the break of daylight and started on our way. We drove and drove and drove seemed like forever. When we finally reached our destination it was a relive. We where staying the whole week stress free and relaxation. But soon to find out that wasn’t going to happen. We got all our things organized and was letting the awning out for some shade. Once we got it out we realized there was a big rip in the awning. So I being the one that was responsible because I was suppose to have checked everything before we pulled out from home. Got on my phone and surfed the internet to see if there was anywhere we could get a awning at a reasonable price. That’s when I came across RV PARTS COUNTRY their prices where reasonable and their shipping was great. We received it two days later and installed it and enjoyed the rest of our vacation.

I am so thankful that my awning is fixed and our vacation was great but it is all because of RV PARTS COUNTRY. I will never shop anywhere else for my RV needs.