What is the best part of an RV vacation for most people? Spending time with family and friends, going to someplace new, getting a break from routines, and so on. But in my case, and I know this sounds strange, my favorite thing about RV trips is the solitude it provides me. See, I own a camper, but I never take anyone with me on my vacations. And of all the things I can do on a trip, what is the part that I enjoy the most? Not the driving, not the sleeping, not the traveling itself–but the bathtub! I love my RV bathtub! I deliberately go to hot, dry climates in my camper and work up a sweat so I can get into the RV bathtub later and cool off. But recently, my bathtub cracked, which cause a whole lot of problems for me. I was out of town and not even close to home at all, so I had to find a place which would sell me a new shower. Unfortunately, there was nowhere around that could do so. Fortunately, however, there is always RV Parts Country, an online store which specializes in RV parts and RV accessories. I ordered through them and received my new RV bathtub within two days! I installed it myself and fixed the problems I’d had due to the old one breaking, and before I knew it, I was back in my camper, rolling down the road and heading toward who-knows-where.