New Toilet

Whenever we’re on the road, we try our best to make sure everything is in good working order before we go anywhere. Without this certainty, you can’t ever really feel totally relaxed while on the road. It can be hard to ensure, of course, that you’re not overlooking something. This was the case recently when we’re traveling through the southern states.

We had just passed through Georgia and had stopped at an affordable RV park. While we were there, we primarily used their public restrooms and showers, and we spent a lot of time outside our camper. Because of this, we didn’t realize that our own toilet had begun to malfunction. As a matter of fact, we didn’t discover this until we had already left the park and headed out toward Florida, our destination. The RV toilet pretty much broke down completely, and my family was really worried.

Realizing that our toilet was broken, we could have panicked. But we didn’t panic, because we knew that our friends at RV Country Parts had us covered. We used our portable internet connection and ordered a brand new toilet right away, providing a nearby motel as the shipping destination. We parked there, spent a couple of nights, and the next day our new toilet arrived!

I knew how to install an RV toilet, and I got this one taken care of with little to no problems at all. We were really thrilled that RV Parts Country was there for us. If not for them, our toilet situation could have really ruined the rest of our trip.