Nice Lights

High class in an rv? It can be true, through the right rv accessories. Once a tool to hit the road and go into the woods, rvs are now a great and classy vehicle for the family, from middle class to high class. Here are a few tips to create a luxurious rv through a few lighting tools.
-Replace your harsh overhead lighting with chandeliers or stylish dome lighting. There are a lot of great rv accessories to help you update your tired overhead lights. Nothing looks worse in florescent tube light or dull dome lighting. Replace that lighting with something a little classier. Chandelier style lights don’t have to involve droopy crystal features. There are amazing dome-style lights that give a decorative touch without being overkill or eliminating precious headroom. Find a style that mimics marble, or get a great cut-glass dome with silver features for a look that goes beyond the typical rv feel.
-Use rv accessories like colored light bulbs for a lighting boost. You don’t need red bulbs or black lights to give your place a lift. Rose-colored bulbs can give a softer look to every light fixture. Or find compact fluorescent bulbs that have a natural look. They might cost a little more than a regular bulb, but they will last years. The difference in your light and mood is priceless and can make an rv look classier without spending a bunch of money.
-Find wall-mounted lights to add some extra lighting to your rv. There are so many wall-mounted options for lighting that stay out of the way, stay safely attached and give a new level of atmosphere. Place them beside your bed, attach them above the sink or put one on the wall near your couch. The lights can be on movable arms, letting you move the light in closer when you are reading or move it out of the way and against the wall when it’s not in use. A fancy brushed silver or brass finish, handsome lampshades and beautiful covers can all add to your elegant air and feel in your rv.
Making your rv feel as beautiful as your permanent home is easy if you take the time to treat it with care and pride. Invest in beautiful accessories, light your rv with care and you will soon be living in luxury on the open road. A bit of lighting will go a long way to creating a beautiful atmosphere.