While traveling through the South, I noticed a small trail of water that was following behind me. I pulled over at the rest area with my son and he got up in under the camper and noticed that something had penetrated my RV freshwater tank. We’d already lost about 20 gallons. Since my water tank was only a RV 40 gallon tank, we only had half a tank left. Luckily, we saw a camping store nearby. We went there to see if they had any in stock, but they was a 4 day wait period. I knew I couldn’t wait that long, because I was going to Florida and only had 2 days to get there. I called back home and got my wife to check and see if there was any place that could over night it to me at the campground we were staying at that night. She said she couldn’t find nothing. I was devastated. 3 hours later, my wife called and said to be looking out for the UPS man at 7 the next morning. Apparently she paid you guys at RV Parts Country to ship it to me. When I got up yesterday morning at 6:30, I sat on the couch and waited. Sure enough, here came the UPS man at 5 till 7 with his little scanning machine. I was thrilled. I signed for it and had a local mechanic install it for us before we departed. I’m at my destination here inFlorida now and am able to access internet, so I’d like to thank you guys at RV Parts Country for making this camping trip work!