Roof Vents for My Laredo

Yesterday while traveling through the projects I hit a pot-hole in the middle of the road while pulling my Laredo 5th wheel. I didn’t think nothing about it because I’d hit several in a roll so I kept on trucking. Once I finally got to the East side of town the road started looking better and I knew I was getting closer to my destination. Off in the distance, I could see Cool Dave’s RV & Marina Resort. When I found my spot I had reserved my wife and I got out and started leveling up the RV and getting everything situated. We went inside to lift up the roof vents but noticed one was missing. This was a problem because the sky was getting pretty dark and the weather man said it was going to rain.

Last night I journeyed back to the projects to see if I had lost my vent there and to my misfortune, several kids had found it and was using it as a shield while playing some sort of stick/sword games. I asked the children if I could have my vent back, but they all ran into the dark alley behind the apartment complexes. After the stories I’d heard on these kind of neighborhoods, I was kind of scared to venture in there alone so I just said forget about it and came back to my RV and put some plastic over it to last the night.

Early this morning I found this website known as RV Parts Country whom had the cheapest rooftop vent replacement covers on the whole wide web. I went ahead and ordered my missing vent and then ordered an extra vent cover just in case I run into this problem again.