RV Awning Disaster

This past year on my anniversary, my wife and I were camping in the woods while it started raining cats and dogs. We went back indoors to the luxury of our camper and enjoyed a cup of hot coco and played a hand of rummy. That has always been a great game. We’ve played since we’ve known each other as friends in high school. Now its been almost 30 years since we were sitting at that table, and we’re still enjoying the game. 

Afterwards I turned on the weather radio to listen to the news, and actually tuned in right during the weather alert. It kept saying that the storm was only going to get worse and that everyone needed to find shelter as soon as possible. My wife went outside and got the essentials we needed out of our cargo container. The wind was blowing like a hurricane and I could feel it rocking my RV. We had already hurried and got all our stuff out of the weather and put it in under the awning to keep it from getting soaked. 

After about sitting up for a couple of hours, my wife and I finally decided to settle down for bed and let the storm take it’s course. About 2 hours after we had fallen asleep, the storm subsided and had left us alone to rest the rest of the night. The next morning I got up to see how bad the creek was and noticed something green blocking my view out the window. At that moment, I knew my awning had been smashed by something by a tall pine tree that we’d used to tie our string to. I tried to open the door, but noticed something was stuck behind it blocking my path. I got a good shove started and finally forced it to open. Once I got outside, I could tell that my awning was smashed! I told my wife and she claimed that it would be fine. She knows of a place called RV Parts Country where she orders all of our RV parts. She got online and ordered us another awning without a problem. If it wasn’t for my wife, I think I’d lose my own head sometimes.