RV Parts Of Your Choice

Last Saturday my family and I decided to take a little trip down to Tennessee to hopefully get in some good fishing and camping while my kids were on Fall break. We borrowed my cousin’s Winebago RV since I didn’t have a 5th wheel hitch on my new truck I bought. His only request was we wash and wax the RV and fill it up with gasoline. When we departed we waved good-bye to Lenny and headed on down to Pigeon Forge. Once we arrived at our campsite we unrolled the RV awning and started unpacking all of our camping supplies. My 13-year old son Skyler was unpacking the cooler and decided not to unload all of our food first so he came walking through the Winebago and dropped it on the RV faucet on the way out. Right away, here came the water works.

I rushed and stopped up the leak while scolded Skyler about not following my directions. My wife was freaking out because she thought Lenny was going to throw a fit. I called him up on my cell phone and explained the situation. To my knowing, he was fine. He just said that if we didn’t care to replace it and that it was no sweat off his back. This was a problem, because I wasn’t familiar with the area we were in. I asked him if he knew of anywhere and he told me he orders all of his RV parts and RV accessories from a website known as RV Parts Country. He claimed their rates are the best and their shipping is the fastest. As soon as I thanked him and got off the phone I went and got online to do some RV parts shopping.

I found the customer support hotline immediately and gave them a call. They assisted in me in getting the correct RV faucet and not only that, I got some additional RV parts for my 5th wheel and found a great person to get my 5th wheel hitch at. I have to no one to thank other than Lenny and RV Parts Country.