RV Propane Tanks

I get so sick and tired of guessing how much propane I have left in my tanks on the camper. My husband always pulls them off to light up the grill, which I am thankful, but it still leaves me with none when we go camping. I wanted to buy a tank monitor, but he said they were too expensive. I went shopping online to see if there was anything that would help me out such as a tank gauge or something, but I found something even better. I found some see through RV propane tanks on RV Parts Country.

I asked my husband what he thought yesterday and he actually agreed to buying them. I called those folks and apparently they was made out of some sort of jet plastic that was really tough and almost impossible to break, so the safety of it was just as good as the regular kind. We went ahead and placed the order and according to our tracking number, it’ll be here today. I can’t wait!