RV Showers

There are so many times in my camping experiences that made me wish I had an RV shower. The first camper I ever owned did not have a shower, inside or out. This was very frustrating, because the camper provided me with everything else I needed for extended stays in pretty much any location. I just know that there were so many times I wanted to have a shower, because I’d been camping for days, but I couldn’t bathe.

The second camper I bought had an RV shower, but it was an outside shower. This actually was an improvement, and there were plenty of times in the warmer months when I enjoyed an outside shower after a hot day hiking through the countryside. But in the winter, the outside shower was useless.

Then finally, with my last RV upgrade, I got a fifth-wheel that had a shower inside. Now I can take a shower whenever I want, and that has made my camping experiences even better. I can drive all over the country, north, south, east, or west, winter or summer, and I can have a shower whenever I want.

Don’t downplay the importance of an RV shower when you make your first RV purchase. It is even more important than the RV kitchen, in my opinion! I can always hunt my own food!

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