Shurflo Water Pump

Last Monday, I realized that when I went to turn on the water pump, no water was coming out of the faucets. My first thought was that I didn’t have any water in the tank. The next thing I did was go out and fill it all the way up. When I went back inside of my RV, it still wasn’t pumping any water. I went to the local hardware store and they explained that they didn’t really carry any water pumps that were specified for RV’s. After traveling for about one hundred miles I decided I’d see if my brother was home to order one from his computer online.

When I got to his house, we started reading some blogs to compare low prices between online competitors.  We ran across a place called RV Parts Country and instantly realized that they had the best deals around!  Once browsing around, I decided to order a few extra items to decorate my RV with along with my Shurflo water pump.  My wife was quite excited when she noticed what all I ordered. I had found some items to personalize the RV like she had been wanting for almost a year!

Last Wednesday, UPS started pulling up into my drive way. I had a feeling that it was my parts, but I couldn’t really understand why it was coming so fast. Once I went over to the UPS truck, that’s what it was.