When You’re Up On The Mountain

These past couple of months here in Indiana has been a real hassle. There has been so much snow that I’ve not worked since December other than this past week. I live high on the mountain top in a 35ft Outback travel trailer by myself. On a good day it takes a 4-wheel drive to make it up the mountain, but when the weather is like it has been, no one can make it up or down the mountain in a vehicle.

Two weeks ago, I noticed that my water supply had disappeared when I turned on the faucets to boil some water for coffee. I noticed that the water pump kicked on but only a small stream came out as it faded away into nothing. I wandered if my line were frozen, but thought that no water would’ve came out if that was the case. I went outside afterwards and pulled back my underpinning of the camper and crawled up in under it to see if I could spot a problem. The closer I got to the fresh water tank, the wetter the ground got. Once I got to the tank, I realized what had happened. It had frozen and busted.

Luckily for me, the of my utilities were working well. I got on the internet and found RV freshwater tanks at RV Parts Country. I gave them a ring on the telephone and they exclaimed how they had a warehouse here in Indiana, but was shut down due to weather, but this was the deal with every other place I could find online as well. Since they had the best price either way, I went ahead and ordered 2 of the 40 gallon RV freshwater tanks they had so I had an extra just in case this happened again. I got them Friday morning finally took all of my barrels down to the county spring to fill them up with. I was very pleased with the quality and price so I recommend these people to everyone.