Worth the Money

My RV is an older one, but I’m not ready to trade it in just yet.  I have alot of memories in that old thing.  Me and the family would go somewhere every summer for a few weeks at a time, ever since my kids were born.  My wife though keeps complaining and saying the appliances are too old and don’t work good and the RV looks bad.  I refused to give up my memories.  I tried to come up with a solution to make her happy and let me still keep my RV.

Sam, my neighbor, also has an older RV, but it looks almost new.  I decided to talk to him to get some ideas.  I figured that he probably hadn’t used his as much as I have mine cause he looks so new.  I was shocked though when he said he used his just as much.  He explained that he keeps it in good shape by buying parts and equipment to keep it in working order and looking good. I told him I didn’t have that kind of money, and he laughed so hard I thought he was gonna quit breathing! When he finally calmed down, he was able to explain. Sam said he got all his RV stuff from rvpartscountry.com. He told me they are cheap and the stuff is high quality.

I checked it out and he was right. I was able to buy all kinds of good stuff to make my wife happy and spruce up the old RV. I bought all new appliances, including a stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher. I even got some new faucets for the kitchen and bath.   I also got me a new awning to spice up the outside. After I got it all installed, my wife was tickeld pink! So am I ,too, cause I get to keep the RV and my memories!